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Question: M 5 week pregnant...having cramp n bleeding since morning...dr gave me inj gestone n advise to take rest...is everything normal? M worried about bleeding

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Answer: Hello dear, don't panic, In your first 12 weeks, keep in mind that many women spot during the first trimester, so spotting probably doesn't mean you're having a miscarriage. Follow doctor's instructions and take your medicines on time. It will help to keep your pregnancy safe. Take care urself...
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Question: I am 5 week preg. But few days ago i got bleeding dr gave me inj. And medicines...i just want to know is everything ok..??
Answer: Hi Some may get implantation bleeding due to high blood flow to uterus in first trimester if it is intimated and treated then thats fine but keep monitoring and follow ups
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Question: I have done vaginal cryo therapy previous year now I m 5 week pregnant but having bleeding since morning and severe cramp
Answer: Hi, severe abdominal cramp with bleeding indicate chances of miscarriage. I will suggest you to consult your doctor as soon as possible and take as much rest as you can to avoid more bleeding. Possibly you need some hormonal supplements to support your pregnancy and you should take and ultrasonography for the same to check your pregnancy progress. Hope it helps.
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Question: Am 6 week 5 days pregnant. Today morning bleeding started in red colour now is black colour. I went to hospital doctor says it's normal take complete bed rest. O worried about this plz tel me any tips
Answer: Hi, Bleeding/ spotting during pregnancy can be serious and due to factors like low lying placenta,chronic hematome etc. Your doctor may want to prescribe certain medication to help maintain pregnancy.You should avoid any physical stress and take good bed rest. All the best.
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