7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 6 week pregnant doctor told me baby ki heart beat ab nai aaeee hi.. tho abi pregnancy confirm nahee huee hi karke m confused plz suggest me

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Answer: Hello, Your baby is too small during sixth week. So, it is tough to detect heartbeat. Wait for 2 weeks to take rescan. Dont worry.. You will mostly get heartbeat during 8the week.
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Question: I am 6 week pregnancy but doctor told me that their is no heart beats.kyaa heart beats late bhee aatee hai and my doctor ask me for ultrasound isme koee risk to nahee pls help me
Answer: It's better to go for ultrasound. There is absolutely no risk to for scanning.
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Question: I just consult doctor to confirm my pregnancy doctor told that still there is no heart beat ? Is it serious? And is there any chance baby can get heart beat next week?
Answer: Usually heartbeats are appreciated between 8 to 10 weeks and don't worry it is mostly seen in the cases where the women have irregular periods before pregnancy or it can be due to delayed conception so please take rest and repeat the scan after 10 days to see the status.
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Question: hi. i m in 8 weeks pregnancy... doctor said baby heart beat was low... plz can u help me
Answer: Hello.. dear, please talk to your doctor, let him /her guide you or you can also talk to another doc also to take his opinion... Don't w, everything will be fine.. take care
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