19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hiii m 18 week pregnant... mje kch Dino se saas lene m bht pblm ho rhi h... any solution plz

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Answer: It is common to experience shortness of breath especially in the third trimester and also in the early pregnancy. • Your growing baby and expanding uterus push the diaphragm (the muscle that lies under the ribcage), restricting the amount of space for your lungs and making it hard for them to expand (4). • It will, therefore, make you to breathe faster, as if you have just run a marathon. It is quite normal and completely harmless to you and your fetus. Caution: If you have breathlessness along with heart burn, racing pulse, palpitations or cold fingers and toes, it could indicate a serious complication of heart or lungs. You should immediately check with your doctor. Tips- 1) Dont over exert urself in physical activities 2) Eat small frequent meals 3) Drink plenty of fluids 4) Take rest n proper sleep
Answer: See if u r having sinus mughe bhi 18 se 19 bhut dikkat hui nose nlock. Then i got to know i have sinus
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Question: Hii ...mera 8th month chl rha h....muje breathing m bhot prblm ho rhi n....thoda sa kaam krte hi saas chd jata h..plz kch solution btae
Answer: Hi dear, many women feel breathless during pregnancy- and that's not only from the excitement of creating a new life. In the first trimester, increased levels of progesterone may make breathing a bit difficult at times as your body adjusts to new hormonal levels.few tips to ease it.  Try to keep an upright posture. This will help you to cope with back ache too, so it's worth making the effort. To give your lungs a bit more space, you could try standing upright and holding your hands above your head while taking deep breaths. Light exercise, such as walking or swimmingmay make you feel a bit puffed out when you're doing it, but can help you to feel less breathless overall. Gentle exercise means still being able to hold a conversation while exerting yourself.  It's safe and healthy for you to be active in pregnancy. Your baby will get plenty of oxygen while you exercise. However, if you get really breathless before exercise, or after only a small amount of activity, mention it to your midwife or GP.
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Question: hii M 11 week pregnant.. muje saas lene m bht pblm ho rhi h.. continue baat karte time b saas ful jati h.. is it normal or not? ?
Answer: Usually it's nothing to be concerned about, but it's best to check with your doctor, since lots of things cancause shortness of breath. As a normal part ofpregnancy, your breathing may be affected by the increase in the hormone progesterone, which causesyou to breathe in more deeply.
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Question: hiii Mera baby kch Dino se bht lazy reh that nd o kch v ni kha rha plz sujest me
Answer: Hello Summer mai bache garmi ki wajese aise ho sakte hai. Bache ko pani ya juice pilaye. Ajar wo Abhibhi sust hai tho thoda glucose ka pani pilaye. Baby ko cotton or kapde pinhaye aur din mai 2 baar thode garam pani se bath de.
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