16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 15 week pregnant cn i dance

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Answer: it is better u avoid
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Question: M 15 week pregnant can i dance
Answer: Hi.. Dear you can dance a little, it is relevant to an activity. However, do not try any major or hard step of dancing..
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Question: I m 9 week pregnant...cn i dance in my bro wedding?
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Question: M 34 week pregnant i cn sleep straightly
Answer: hello! when you lie on your back the pressure from your baby and uterus could press your vena cava (a vein that moves blood from your lower half to your heart) and could result in dizziness, blood pressure changes, or a possible blood flow reduction to your uterus. Its ok to back sleep in your first trimester but once things start to grow change it up. Its best to get into those habits sooner than later
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Question: Hello mam, i m 7 week pregnant, cn i walk
Answer: Yes dear, If you walked regularly before being pregnant, keep doing it. If you're new to walking, start with a short, 15-minute comfortable stroll, three times a week.  Once you’ve got into the habit of walking regularly, you can build up to faster, 30-minute walking sessions, four or more times a week. If you have a high fitness level you can walk for longer than that. Just be sure to slow down or stop if you feel overtired, unwell, or feel any pain. Your body will generally be able to tell you when it’s time to stop.... Take care urself....
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