38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 37 week pregnant... Muje baby sy milney k leya bohot excited hai... Please give some tips for delivery before due date.. Is it possible???

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Question: 37 week pregnant please give tips for narmal deliver
Answer: Hi dear, Try do walk few steps, do butterfly exercise, eat healthy and balanced diet. Take five deep breaths one and deep squat pose squats.
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Question: I am 9months pregnant my delivery date is oct13 delivery is possible to due date before
Answer: Yes dear.. after 36 weeks delivery can happen any time. Continue eating good diet and go for regular 15 min mild walk. Last few weeks is good for baby development and baby might gain extra weight. So better eat lot of healthy diet so that born baby with good weight and healthy.
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Question: Baby position at breech... Is it possible for normal delivery... Plz give some tips for normal delivery
Answer: Hi, generally it is possible that baby will change position and come to head down postion if the breech detected was in early pregnancy. a later diagnosis decreases chances of change in lie.in that c section maybe advised by your doctor due to risks of injury.
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