22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 22 week pregnant and having pressure pain kind of in pelvic area and inner thighs pain when ever i wake up

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Answer: Its common andi....its due to growing baby n expanding uterus pressures on ur pelvic area....eat well n stay happy everything will be fine
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Question: I m 16 week pregnant. Since past 1 week i m having lot of pressure in pelvic area. At times becomes difficult to walk. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello, During this week baby start growing and you might be showing a little bump. Because of growing utras and baby weight So, it is normal for you to feel occasional sharp pulls in your abdominal muscles and ligaments, especially when you make any sudden movements. So it is completely normal. Don't worry at all.
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Question: Feeling pain and pressure in pelvic area...
Answer: Pressure in lower abdomen is common Symptoms during pregnancy The enlarging uterus continues to put pressure on the cervix and vagina especially towards the third trimester If it is too uncomfortable for you then consult your gynaclogist regarding same
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Question: I m 4 week pregnant. N having pain in my abdomen after wake up
Answer: Hi dear such problem. With minor cramping is normal and it will stay till delivery as these are due to the stretching of round ligament which increase it's size to give more space to ur baby.
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