13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 8 week 4 days pregnant hu...mujhe kbi kbi light white discharge typ ka kuch gadha sa ..nd ekdm thoda sa hota h....ky ye norml h

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Answer: ye bilkul normal hai..leukorrhea (the medical term for a thick, whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge) occurs because of an increase in estrogen in the body. ... Thus, white discharge while pregnant is good as well as normal.
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    raksha sharma1087 days ago

    Thanku..m Bahut dr gyi thi...bcoz I have all ready 2 miscarriage

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Question: m 11 week pregnant..mujhe white thoda discharge hota h .. ky ye Sb norml h kyy btaiye plzz
Answer:  please try to analyse the sort of discharge - 1) If you're leaking urine, the fluid will likely have a distinctive odor. 2) If you're leaking vaginal fluid, the discharge will probably be clear or white to yellowish. It can be rather sloppy, requiring multiple changes of underwear or panty liners in a single day. 3) If you're leaking amniotic fluid or your water has broken, the fluid is likely to saturate your underwear or panty liner over and over again. The fluid may be clear or contain white flecks, perhaps tinged with blood or mucus. It isn't likely to smell, however. If your are leaking amniotic fluid it won't stop and you'll get a big gush when you stand. In case you are soaking through a pad in an hour please call the doctor.
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Question: M 9 week pregnant mujhe white nd thoda ghada jesa discharge hua h 2 din se....ky ye norml h ..plzz reply mee
Answer: yes bilkul normal hai.. Women undergo a lot of changes during pregnancy, and an increase in vaginal discharge is perfectly normal. Most women experiencethick, creamy white discharge in the early stages of their pregnancy. During this time, your vagina is working overtime to create more discharge
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Question: aaj mujhe thoda jyada discharge hua bikul white aur nosy typ ka gadha tha kya ye normal h
Answer: ye bilkul normal hai..Thick, white discharge is common at the beginning and end of your cycle. Normal white discharge is not accompanied by itching. If itching is present, thick white discharge can indicate a yeast infection. 
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