20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M too much worried about having low lying placenta. What to do dont know. How can i protect my baby.

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Answer: Don't worry much about low lying placenta. Many ppl have it. Just take enough bed rest, so that when your uterus grows the placenta automatically moves up. Only idea here is to not make the placenta move further down by lifting heavy things, walking faster kind of strenuous things involving the pelvic region. You can sit for as much as you want. Just keep your legs elevated so that your pelvic region is stress free. And if you feel like walking, walk very slowly. Avoid long travels/ travels on bumpy roads even if it's shorter. Do this for 4-6 weeks and during the next scan you should find out that your placenta has moved up. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Though this is a serious medical condition, it's remedy is veryc very simple and easily solved in shorter duration. All the best.
Answer: For low lying placenta avoid intercourse and take rest as much as you can. Take healthy foods and avoid stairs if possible. Dont worry placenta generally moves up during 7th month. Avoid traveling too.
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Question: How to know low lying placenta?
Answer: The primary symptom of a low-lying placenta is vaginal bleeding ranging from light to heavy.Other possible symptoms that need an immediate medical attention are: Bleeding after a sexual intercourse with the partner,Cramps,Bleeding that suddenly starts, stops, and sometimes begins again after a couple of days or weeks,Bleeding that can occur at the start of the third trimester or perhaps at the end of second trimester
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Question: Today i m having heavy bleeding.. doctor said it's due to low lying placenta.. she suggested me for strict bed rest.. but i want to know, for how many days it bleeds like this? I m worried about my baby 😑
Answer: Hello! Since you have a low lying placenta, the only way to stop bleeding is to be on complete bed rest. Once you are on complete bed rest the bleeding will reduce. Since, low lying placenta is detected early in the pregnancy, chances are there that it might rise up by 20th week . don't worry if you are on complete bed rest, then ideally there should be no problem with the baby also. take care
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Question: Hi m having low lying placenta in my ultrasound so what to do
Answer: Hi! Usually the position of placenta is either at side or top if the placenta is attached at the back side of the uterus is posterior placenta, incase of low lying placenta it is attached at a lower end to the uterus, there are some difficulties as it may cover the cervix which can be a problem in vaginal birth ,it can cause pre term birth also but it moves up later as the uterus keeps stretching. Please do as the Doctor say, dont worry much,do nor walk fast, lot if bed rest, dont squat, dont lift heavy weight, avoid bumpy road, no intercourse, have fibrous food avoid constipation, Good luck & hope this helps!
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