9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M suffering from fever n cold could u plz suggest something

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Answer: Hi.. Dear apply little vicks vapour rub on your back, chest and feet, wear a comfortable pair of socks after applying vicks vapour rub. Do this twice or thrice in a day, it will give you some comfort. Also, take steam, do warm water gargle and have nice ginger tea. If you don't get relief in 48 hours, call your gynaecologist, she will prescribe any mild medicine for cold and cough..
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    ajay kumar kadam57 days ago

    Wat ever I eat m getting omitted everything even water also

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Question: Hello frnds my baby is suffering from heavy cough n cold could u plz suggest something
Answer: Hi dear, Viral infections such as cold and cough is a common thing,as their immune system is still.in developing stage.its better to start with home remedies and also avoid any over the counter medicines.following are the few home remedies you could use it for your baby now: 1-breastfeed often.it has natural antibodies that could help your baby to develop immunity and fight the viral infections 2- ajwain and garlic pouch.dry roast two cloves of garlic with a teaspoon of ajwain.cool it down and put it in a muslin cloth and make a pouch.keep this pouch next to baby cot.the fumes would help clearing congestion and nasal blockage. 3-warm mustard oil and rub some under feet and chest.this helps in clearing phlegm in chest...
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Question: Hi my baby is suffering from cold n fever pls suggest something
Answer: For fever apart from med suggested by doc, sponge the baby with lukewarm salt water leaving head, chest n back. For more fever keep wiping palms, feet, thighs n neck at regular intervals of time For cold give med n nebulization Give warm water to sip n warm soups
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Question: My daughter is suffering from cold cough n light fever from evening. Suggest some remedies plz
Answer: Hi dear! Cough and cold is usually due to infection and fever indicates that body is fighting against the infection, Hence being careful is important, talk to ur Paed and offer baby paracetamol if fever is more than 99/5° , keep breast feeding, check in the pee count, keep baby clean, wash or sanitize your hands before holding the baby,massage warm oil, sek Ajwain potli on.the chest and back, baby will be fine.. Hope this helps!
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