38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 37+2dy pregnant..my baby ws breech as i was suggstd to do walking. Sinc morning i ws feeling soo lite as my baby hs come to norml position. N just befr i got up and again feeling so heavy like baby hs come to breech again. Is it posible tht way to flip back to breech. My stomach abov belly button is litteraly high again. Plz tel me whats going on with me..?

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Question: When does a child start sleeping atleast 4-5 hours ar a stretch at night? I am sleep deprived and am angry all the time. I cry all the time even at the slightest thing i cry. I had a c section. My back hurts i feel cheated as it was my husband and his moms idea to have a child this early. I had just completed three months of my marriage when he decided to try for a baby. I left my job at my native to come and stay with my husband at his work city. I was searching for jobs there and he decided this. And now i dont have a job, i have a child with whom i am not able to bond, i feel terrible all the time, my husband doesn't even stay awake one night for the baby and he had told me that i just need to deliver the baby rest all he will takecare of. I feel cheated, feel like running away somewhere but then realise that i dont have a job and have to depend on him for money. My parents help me a lot but i feel ashamed to ask them for money for my needs still . My social life is ruined because the baby needs care. I feel cheated and alone in caring for the baby. I dont know why i am feeling this way. I hate my husband now and his mom especially. She is the one responsible for ruining my life. I am not happy. I loved our marriage but now all i think about is getting a divorce. Is something wrong with me? Am i a bad mother?
Answer: no!!! You are all right, it's very common and known as a post delivery depression. Even such a thoughts come to Me so I went to psychologist for a while and got relief but whenever I feel like it again I go again because I should be good mentally for myself first of all. I also used to work since my youth and it's difficult for me sitting at home now. I may shout and I may cry because too many things are going not as we have expected. But the good thing we did my husband always goes with me to psychologist when we need to solve something and follow doctors instructions. He also start sharing household works with me. Try to talk clearly with your husband or go to psychologist it will be better. We also ruined our marriage and keep trying to save it now. Hope we will successful in it. Otherwise if something lead to divorce your husband will cover your and your baby needs by court decision. But it's really the last thing you should do.
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Question: Hi my baby is 70 days old and he takes feed only for 10 to 15 min after 10 min he start feeling uneasy thn i burb he feels ok but when I try to latch him again as took milk only for 10 but again he feels the same name gets uneasy on breast thn i take him in upright position for 5 min than he starts playing..I am worried tht his getting proper feeding or nt his birth weight was 3.280 n now his 5.2 kg so I hope his getting proper feeding ..please help
Answer: Hi,yes that's the correct way the baby is feeling heavy and so it needs to burp the baby which you are doing is correct You should continue in the same manner feed the baby for 10-15 mins and then give burp properly and then make him feed from the other side Nothing to worry..
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