24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: m 23weeks pregnant... my baby position is transverse position head is on right side.... is there any chance for free delivery or no chance for delivery????

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Answer: Wait till 34 week. Till that baby will continue mov ing. Now it's not fixed tha baby position. Stay positive always. Good luck.
Answer: Abhi se tension Mt lo dear, abhi to bht time hai.
Answer: Abhi se tension Mt lo dear, abhi to bht time hai.
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Question: Helo...i am 35 week pregnant..as per my scan...my baby is in transverse position..head lying on right side and doctr said that there will be c-section..Is there any chance of normal delivery?? Any exercise or any remedy which help the baby to be in normal position??..I want to have normal delivery..
Answer: Hii dear in 35 week it is risky to try any option to turn baby head. If u try any think it is not sure that it will work and may be led to some negative impact to ur baby. Plz don't afraid of it as DeSe days c sec is also not that difficult. I surely understand every women want to go for normal.so do i but sometimes some situation comes when we have to decide for c sec to make sure a healthy birth of baby and I think that has to be priority. Trust be after few years it will not at all matter. I have my 2 year old baby amd noemi m back to my old shape and really as good as before c sec. So trust my words and go for it..everything will be fine and u will forget everything when u will have ur bundle of joy in ur hand.
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Question: Hello . My fetus is in transverse position head towards right side of mother.is there complications.
Answer: No Sis. It's correct. Mine also same. When baby wants to meet you takes head down position.
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Question: my baby is in transverse lie position. Is there is any chance that position changes?
Answer: Dear you still have 10 weeks left in ur pregnancy and yes baby at this stage will change it's position most probably. So please do not worry. Hope it helps.
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