27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 26week pregnant hu. Urine test m pus cells increase (12-15) aai h.. To isse kya problem ho skti h

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Answer: Hi dear! So firstly this is for sure uti .and you will have to consult with your doctor for the treatment . Also don't worry this will not affect your baby if the treatment is taken. Also if you using a jet spray to clean your area then avoid using it. Instead pour water from above that is from the tummy side and let it flow downwards. Normally using jet sprays can increase the chances of uti . Don't worry nothing will happen after taking antibiotics for 7 days another urine test will be recommended to see if the pus cells have reduces and gone.take care dear.
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    thank you sooo much ...

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Question: Mere urine test m 12 pus cells aayi hai
Answer: Hello dear, normally, the pus cells are in the range from 0 to 4 p.v.f. But in your case you are having 12 p.v.f. as you said which above the normal range so it can be some infection that is causing you to produce pus cells. Whenever there is an infection or blockage in the urinary tract, the urine goes back to the uterus and kidney leading to bacterial growth in the urinary tract and a yellow mucus is observed in the urine. Try some following home remedies for pus cells : Drink plenty of water: This is one of the cheapest and the easily available remedy to reduce the problem of pus in the urine. Drinking water regularly will help to wash down the bacteria and its removal through urine. This will reduce the infection of the urinary tract. Apart from reducing infection, water dilutes the urine and hence there will be less pain while urinating. To get best result drink 2-3 glass of water every hour. Cucumber will cool your body and increase the quantity of urine expelled from the body. Take 25ml of cucumber juice three times a day to get rid of a UTI. Take 10 grams of coriander seeds and soak it overnight in one glass of water. In the morning grind the seeds along with water strain it and drink the infusion mixed with sugar candy. This will help to reduce the infections. Cinnamon (Dalcheeni) Powder : If you are suffering from pus in urine take 2 grams of cinnamon powder with a glass of water. This will reduce the discomfort and pain during passing the urine. Do not use chemicals or harsh soaps to clean the genital area. Pomegranate juice also reduces the chances of infection. Drink pomegranate juice on a daily basis to prevent UTI’s and to reduce the UTI. Vitamin C plays an important role in the immunity of the body to various diseases and infections. Include vitamin C containing fruits and vegetables in your diet like oranges, strawberries, melons, grapes, lemons etc. Consuming yoghurt will increase the good bacteria in our urinary tract and prevents the bacterial infections of the vagina and urethra. Green tea is an antioxidant and it will improve the immunity of the body and prepares the body to fight infections. Pineapple is another effective remedy for reducing the inflammations caused by UTI. When the pineapple is consumed regularly the urinary tract infection reduces in time. This Pineapple is well known for its anti-inflammatory property. It is necessary to use fresh pineapple pieces or juice to get the best effect. Consult your doctor if these home remedies do not work on you. Take care. Hope it will help.
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Question: In urine test my pus cells 10-15
Answer: Hi dear, Your pus cells are elevated which indicates some infection in urine.UTI or urinary infection is quite common in pregnancy.one must be very careful if the infection is recurring.kindly follow the tips: increase your fluid intake,which you have already done.drink unsweetened cranberry juice. drink barley soak water.empty bladder whenever you have urge to urinate.empty bladder completly.avoid using public toilets. use sex hygiene.always clean the area with plain water after using toilet. wipe front to back.include lot of vitamin C in diet.probiotics would help in growing good bacteria in gut,which would flush out bad ones.minimize bladder irritants like soda,or sugary diets.exercise for a healthy life style.use loose fittings cotton panty only.also get a urine culture done to know the type of bacteria causing it.you might have to intake antibiotics if the infection is severe.
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Question: hi m 19 week pregnant mera aaj urine test m pus cells 8-10 aaya h kya yeh normal h isse baby ko koi problem ho sakti h kya
Answer: pls consult ur doctor as ur urine has been infected...further ur doc might ask u to get culture test done.. basis tat medication will be provided
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Question: epithelial cells >25, Gct 142, pus cells in urine 12-15, albumin trace, yeast present.. can someone explain
Answer: hello dear you pus cells is higher than normal range so it may be urinary tract infection consult our doctor..dont hold your urine for long time and drink plenty of water and clean and wipe your vaginal area..
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