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Question: M 7 months pregnant with low lying placenta... Wat can i do to prepare my body for normal delivery??

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Answer: In case of low lying placenta doctors always prefer c-section over normal delivery to prevent excessive bleeding so if the position of the Placenta remains the same during terms then you will have to go for C section There is nothing you can do regarding this other than routine and timely check up by the doctor
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Question: Having a low lying placenta anterior.. Wat should I do... For normal placenta
Answer: Anterior placenta Hi dear, Anterior placenta growing downwards could be an issue as it could block the birth canal candidate cause you severe bleeding during labor or anytime of pregnancy.you would need c- section. anterior placenta provide extra cushioning to your baby.its like a wall between your tummy and your baby thereby you the impact of baby movements are less.nothing to worry it provides the same amount of nutrition like any other placenta.and if it moving anywhere other than blocking the birth canal,it is safe and you can undergo normal delivery.
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Question: I m 7 months pregnant n hv low lying placenta what shud i do
Answer: Ntg to worry.after going on ur pregnency it will go up.Better not to do journey for a long time
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Question: Now i am 6 months pregnant.. what i do for normal delivery.. how to prepare my body and my baby..
Answer: hi dear the most important thing to be prepared for normal labour is taking good food and good touch doing physical activities like walking exercise yoga which helps to keep your body your mind also you are growing baby healthy so so do take more healthy and nutritious food and mode vegetables fruits in your diet try to do walking everyday try doing pelvic exercise which helps to have flexibility in the pelvic area during a labour and other than this God's grace is very important because normal delivery depend on baby is a position and also your health condition so pray as much as you can
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