40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: m 9 month and 3 days pregnant now baby weight is 3kg and reports showing cephalic presentation grade 3. is this ok for normal delivery?

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Answer: yes it's very much OK for normal delivery
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Question: 37 weeks pregnant now...if baby weight is above 3kg,is it ok for normal delivery??
Answer: Yes dear, if weight would be more than 3.5 kg till labour time, then normal delivery would be difficult.
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Question: my placenta is posterior grade 2 to 3 in cephalic presentation normal delivery is possible
Answer: Cephalic presentation means baby is in head down position and u r almost prepared for normal delivery but it still doesn't gv the guarantee. U never knw what happens at the last stage. U Dnt think much and just stay positive. Grade 3 placenta means a mature placenta with significant calcium deposits. There are levels within this also, so there is no need to panic if baby is doing fine.Don't be worried. At least you already know you have a slightly more mature placenta earlier than average. Most placentas reach grade 3 by 39 weeks. It's not by itself a huge problem but it calls for extra monitoring - doctor will probably ask you for regular NST and keeping track of baby movements. The doctor may also want to induce you earlier than 40 weeks. Maybe at 37-38 weeks depending on overall assessment by doctor of fetal nutrition continuity.
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Question: 9 month scanning reports shows my baby wt is 3kg 600gm is normal delivery is possible
Answer: Yes ! It's possible ... it's you who have to keep patience and have ample of cow's ghee in your milk . This will really help you in normal delivery
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