29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M in third trimester but m feeling like my tummy is not increasing.Why it is so n is it normal?

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Answer: Hi.. don't worry. For some women tummy will be less due to there physical structure or due to the body nature.
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Question: M having itching in my whole body...n this my last month of third trimester...m so worried...is it normal?
Answer: It is normal .....use wheat gem oil or else anti marks cream to ovoid stretch marks.
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Question: Feeling transparent discharge... is it nrml in third trimester
Answer: Hello! Transparent discharge, means is it gel like. If not gel like then probably it is urine leaking which is again common during pregnancy. However, keep and eye, if the leakage is continuous, then probably it can be amniotic fluid too. If amniotic fluid then please inform your doctor, otherwise nothing to worry about. Take care
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Question: Iam feeling too much sleepy is it normal in third trimester
Answer: hi dear yes it is normal this shows that your body needs some rest so sleeping can give you good rest and also it is good for your baby's growth and development so whenever you feel sleep you can sleep but make sure you have other physical activities also you can do walking exercises because you will sleep always that may cause your baby to sleep always so do little exercises and walking in sleep whenever you feel sleepy
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Question: My breast was tight in first trimester but now in third trimester they became soft, is it normal?
Answer: Yes it is normal dear. There are lot of changes happening in ur breast as it is preparing itself for the breastmilk. So just relax by the time you deliver it will be ready. Hope it helps.
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