23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: m in 6 th month ...my neck become somewat darker than usual...all are telling boy baby...is tat true....I expect gal baby ...ur comments

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Answer: Hello! These are all old wives tales. It is different for everyone and doesn't have any resemblance with reality dear.
Answer: Mera bhi aysa hua hai. Neck bohot dark ho gaye and mujhe bhi sb bol rehe hai ki baby boy hoga...
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    Koyel Das1048 days ago

    same here

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Question: Hai am. 7 th month pregnant,my skin become more darker than usual,how to get rid of it
Answer: Hi. Its because of pigmentation which happens because of hormonal changes during pregnancy. So dont worry . Prepare a home made pack from besan, termeric and curd this would help you.
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Question: Wt are d symtoms for baby boy n baby gal..i m 6 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hi dear, Unfortunately there are no physical symptoms that could predict gender of your baby.though are plenty myths around regarding baby gender,but they are not true and have no scientific evidence.so the only way is through ultrasound scan in second trimester,that could reveal the gender of your baby.and if you are in India,then it is illegal to determine gender of unborn baby.i know as a parent we could be very curious about the baby in womb,but trust me a healthy baby is all we want.so just pray baby is healthy and have no complications.wish you all the best!
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Question: All are telling first baby delivery early is it true is this true in how many days early
Answer: Hi dear, it is not true. It all depends on how your pregnancy have been went. If have no complication then you can reach till 40th week. Do not just believe this things and follow your doctor.
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