34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M in my 34 week ...i gained lot of weight arnd 12-13 kg till today ....i want to know how to loose weight fast after delivery??

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Answer: Hello dear.. To reduce weight after delivery,follow these steps it might be helpful for you.. Exclusive breastfeeding till six months Include more veggies and fruits in your diet, avoid oil, fried foods Go for healthy snack option like dry fruits, makhana.. Limit the intake of carbohydrate, include whole wheat, oats, millets Drink 2 to 3 litre water daily Start exercising but after six months, slowly start with walking then go for mild exercise, yoga will help a lot
Answer: Yes.. Its really beneficial n healthy too.. But also continue papaya to avoid constipation
Answer: Sorry mistaken... This ans was for another question
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Question: I have gained 10 kgs after delivery know I want to loose my weight.
Answer: Hello Weight gain during ur pregnancy is natural. But after delivery it is a trauma to get back to who u were. Best and most effective method of doing it is breast feeding as it is known to burn alot more calories than anything else keep ur self hydrated. Have a balanced diet. You can also try hitting the gym or aerobics it's a nice boost of endorphins. It helps u with ur mood elevation. Hope I helped.
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Question: I have gained weight after my pregnancy. I need to loose weight fast wat to do??
Answer: Drink warm water with lemon juice n honey first thing in the mrg Have meals at regular intervals of time. Do not sleep immediately after meals. U can do cardio exercises, suryanamaskars, leg rotations, squats, roll over, cycling, lounges etc walk for 45 min everyday eat fresh fruits as in between meals
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Question: I have gained 16 kg throughout pregnancy.. now my weight is 88 kg.. how to reduce weight after delivery...
Answer: Post delivery you will automatically reduce the weight around 9-10 kgs.. then have healthy food..while you are on bm again automatically some weight will be lost..so don't wry about it now..have a safe delivery and healthy child..all the best
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