21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M in m 20th week of pregnancy,n 4rm 3 dayz m whole body is getting strach I have consult docter about diz condition n she has prescribed aleocat tblet 4 me.will diz tablet harm m baby growth n what about m body aallergy wil it harm m baby..plz help

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Question: Today i went for checkup of NT Scan. Report normal. Dr said there is one cyst in overy. But might be not harm for baby or pregnancy. But prescribed me to consult dr. I m getting tensed about baby.
Answer: Hi dear, in most of the cases ovarian cyst in pregnancy are functional cyst & doesn't cause any harm to baby. So dont worry. Its always better to consult gynac for any problem during pregnancy and medication for the same.
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Question: My baby is 42days old n she has so much rashes in her whole body what should I do.I bath her daily n apply Johnson baby soap n powder.but no any improvement so tensed about my baby.
Answer: Rashes are common.Sometimes a particular brand don't suit the baby skin.So,u can try a different brand soap and powder. I can suggest cetaphil soap,really very good. And himalaya baby powder. And keep changing your baby clothes atleast 2-3times every day because they sweat so much. And also don't put tight clothes.
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Question: M 21 week pregnant,n m hvng skin allergy as per doctor says, she has prescribed me avil tablet n some anti boitic for 3 dayz...is it safe 2 intake it would harm m baby...pls rpy..m very much tensed n is it normal in pregnancy skin allergy. Plz rpy
Answer: No doctor's give only safe medicine if have any doubt ho for gynaecology consultation for better result
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