21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M in 20th week.... Doc prescribed me to put prolution depot 500mg injection by weekly once... Y she gave?? Any problem??

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Answer: Hi dear, if your hormonal level is low to support your pregnancy then chance of miscarriage is there & to prevent it dotor prescribed this medicine.you should take the medicine properly to protect pregnancy. Take care.
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Question: Doctor prescribed PROLUTON DEPOT 500 MG WEEKLY ONCE FOR 4 WEEKS. Now am in 13th week of pregnancy. May i know the use of this injection pls
Answer: It is a progesterone harmone injection that helps in maintaining the pregnancy.
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Question: proluton depot 500mg injection is safe for twin pregnancy, doctor prescribed me to take this injection from this week because of my brownish discharge
Answer: If your doctor has prescribed you for brownish discharge and after knowing about your pregnancy then it is safe dear. Dont worry. In case you see any side effects then consult your doctor immediately
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Question: Hai.. Doctor prescribed me to put Naturogest injection weekly once.. Is it necessary.. What might be the reason?
Answer: It is necessary for uterus strength.. Instead of taking injection you can insert these tablets also after consulting doctor
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