23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: m having 101 fever with cough and cold will it harm my baby.. ?? i am taking antibiotics.. but just want to knw 101 fever will effect or harm my baby???

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Answer: Hi dear you have fever with cough and cold now these things do not really affect the baby in anyway but it is troublesome for you and if your doctor has prescribed you antibiotics then it will be fine in some days .. Hope you get well soon n
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    zeba sayed880 days ago

    Thanks dear😘😘😘

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Question: i am having fever 101.2 cough cold throat pain all together m worried.. doctor has given me antibiotics today but i am very much worried for fever.. will it harm baby???
Answer: Some medicines does not have any side effects and does not harm baby if we take during pregnancy. As u said doctor has given u the medicines doctor knows what to give what not to give during pregnancy. So no need to worry as it does not harm ur baby.
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Question: I have cough and cold. Even my baby has cold too. I m taking medicine for cough and cold. Will it effect my baby?
Answer: Continue to breastfeed your child even if you have coldand you are on medication as it's not going to affect your baby rather it helps to buildup the immunity of your baby.
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Question: Hi I am having cold and I am taking sinarest will it effect my baby
Answer: Check medicine on lactmed if it can be consumed while breastfeeding or not also consult doctor.
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