7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M feeling very restless that days nd also have pain in my stomach after having my meals plz tell me what to do

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Answer: Try walking after our meals n eat small meals. N feeling restless is normal.. but if the pain is persistent then plz consult it gynac
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Question: I have pain from 2 days in my waist nd stomach plz tell me that it's normal or not plzzzzzz
Answer: If you are having mild abdominal pain and back pain then its normal in pregnancy and very common. You can ask your husband to give you gentle back massage followed by Hot and Cold compress to get relief. But if you are having upper abdominal pain in your stomach then simply you are suffering from indigestion then simply you are suffering from indigestion. During pregnancy always eat from two less oily and less spicy food and small meals. You can drink a cup of ginger water 11 water to get relief and even in case of stomach discomfort eating a bowl of puffed rice can help.
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Question: After delivery i m having the problem of acidity nd constipation. My baby is breastfeeding nd she also have acidity problem. What should i do. Plz tell me?????????
Answer: Have plenty of fluids, cold milk, fruit juice, lemon juice, Green leafy vegetables , add fibre more to your diet helps to ease constipation problem and acidity and also eat sweet daily helps to reduce acidity. And also it will help baby .
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Question: M in 38week n today feeling very uneasy n restless plz tell wat to do or should contact my doc
Answer: Hi dear. Your body is preparing for labor. Are you having contractions like pain every few minutes. If yes please contact your doctor immediately. All the best
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