36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: m facing very sharp contractions here n there nd it is gng off?? is it leading to labour nd m jus gna start 37 weeks

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Answer: Even if you didn’t know much about pregnancy and birth when you conceived, you were probably aware of contractions — your body's uncomfortable but essential means of pushing your baby down the birth canal and out into the world. But you may not have known that there are several types of contractions, and experiencing them doesn’t always mean you’re about to give birth. From what contractions feel like to how to know you’re actually in labor, here are the basics you need to know. The Types Of Contractions There are three kinds of contractions you may experience during pregnancy: Practice contractions, Braxton Hicks contractions: These can occur any time after the middle of your pregnancy (or not at all). Practice contractions might help to get the cervix ripe — but they don't actually cause cervical dilation or effacement that occurs during labor. False labor contractions: These contractions are irregular and usually stop if you change positions. They may be accompanied by other false labor signs. Labor contractions: In the weeks before birth, you’ll likely also experience many common signs of real labor that lead up to real labor contractions.
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Question: Im 38 weeks pregnant.having brownish lump n white thickish discharge is gng to sign of labour
Answer: Hi Dear! It could be a trigger of labor, pls inform your Dr. stay calm, dont take any risk with yourself and baby and follow wht your Dr. has to say.. Good luck fr your delivery..
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Question: Hi m 37 weeks pregnant nd there is a sweling on my feets nd pain also is it nrmal...
Answer: This is common in pregnancy .. our weight increases and due to swelling in our feet we feel numbness # don't sit for long hours, keep walking in between # while sitting also move your legs #lay down on your left side, which increases blood circulation in body # wear comfortable sleeper avoid wearing tight sleeper # don't lift weight # stay hydrated and drink lots of water
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Question: HI I m 37 weeks pregnant... My water broke but der is not much contractions so midwife told me to wait for contractions is it normal
Answer: I had a similar situation. My water broke vut i did not felt any pain and contraction. I visited my doctor and she asked me to get admitted. They gave me injections for pain and the same night i delivered my baby . It was a normal delivery. I think you should immediately consult your gynae.
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