24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hii.. m experiencing hair fall nd volume of my hair has decreased.. m 6 months pregnant... plz suggest something to improve my hair quality

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Answer: For me organic vinegar works well. try rinse with vinegar after shampoo, do shampoo twice a week at least, don't use any harsh and hot instrument like hearing rod or something. check for the dandruff.
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Question: Hiii ......... my baby is 6 months old from one month am facing too much of hair fall...wat to do..my hair volume is decreased so much. really worried a lot
Answer: Dear when i started getting hair loss problems i do many homemade tricks like using a homemade hair pack of egg white and olive oil directly on the scalp. Soak fenugreek seeds overnight and apply the strained water directly on the scalp and leave it for an hour or two Include yogurt in your diet and use it as a hair mask too. Massage your hair gently with lukewarm oil before hair wash to improve circulation and increase hair growth. Drink amla juice or apply pure amla oil to strengthen hair. Application of coconut milk directly on the scalp also helps prevent hair loss. Include dry fruits and flax seeds in your diet. They help in strengthening of hair. But do make sure to use only gentle and easy products on hairs and do use conditioner and serum on haors after wash and use thick comb..
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Question: I m suffering from hair fall after my normal delivery ..pls suggest me something to stop hair fall
Answer: Hello... Dear hairfall after delivery is normal, it happen due to harmonal changes, stress, dehydration, so follow these remedies... Have a nutrious diet, with lot of fruits and veggies, include curry leaves in your diet Don't skip folic acid tablet Have a handful of dryfruits daily You can use homemade herbsl oil, will control hairfall, and can make hairpack made of green gram ,weekly once,will give you thick hair
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Question: Hi my baby is 6 months old now and he has a lot of hair fall.. Is this common or is there something I have to worry
Answer: Hello.. Dear usually baby's born hair will fall, it is normal, so don't get worried, You can use homemade herbal oil,it will boost hair growth and protect against cold,To make herbal hair ,heat coconut oil with fenugreek,pepper,small onion, curry leaves,hibiscus,saute well,allow it to boil for twenty minutes,until it raw smell goes,use this oil for hair regularly for better results ‌
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