14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M hited by other babys head now its paining what should i do

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Answer: Dear if it is paining please go and see a doctor to be on safer side. Only after check up doctor can tell all is okay or not. Hope it helps.
Answer: Hi,take some good rest,if the pain doesent settle you should consult your Dr. But wait for a few hours and take good rest it should help
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    Sheetal Gupta666 days ago

    Consult doctor once...

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Question: My half head is paining and its paining badly what do i do... I dont understand... Any home remedies
Answer: Hi dear... One side headache is called migraine.. apply balm and coconut oil... Take a garlic piece, rapid in the cotton and make a ball.. replace the ball in your ears.. this will reduce headache.. drink lots of water.. try to keep away yourself from tv ,mobiles and laptops.. take care
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Question: Please suggest what should I do for dropping down babys head... Doctor said its still in floating condition
Answer: hi ma'am you can try walking more at least three to four hours of good walking a day can change baby position and you can also try doing mild exercises with doctors advise it also helps you to drop baby's head
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Question: After My delivery i have got periods now. N its its horribly paining. What should i do for it.
Answer: Plz inform ur doctor immediately. If u just have ur c section within 1 week then the pain is because of the cut. Plz take pain killers which doctor prescribed u and antibiotics too. Pass urine after 1hr gap
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