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Question: Pregnency m brown colour ka discharge kitne din tak rhta h koi munhe ho rha h thoda thoda koi problm to nhi hogi na baby ko

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Answer:  It's is common during pregnancy dear it's because of increasing harmonal level and blood flow through out the body make the cervix super sensitive .its most irritating if you have brown discharge regularly. Make a note how much brown discharge you are getting. If it is just a spotting or your panty liners will be full. If it is getting full consult doctor soon
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Question: Maximum pregnecy m brown discharge kitne din tk rhta h mujje jyada to nhi h spotting h thodi thodi pr koi problm to nhi h na baby ko isse
Answer: No problem to baby. Its a sign. Now start packing your bag for your will be arriving soon. Its a Mucus plug discharge. You can google it.
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Question: Brown colour k discharge kitne din tak rhta h mujhe ho rha h pr thoda thoda kya koi majer comication nhi h
Answer: Hi.. Dear nahin esa kuch nahin hai.. Jab aap ovulate karte hai tab bhi thoda brown discharge hota hai.. There is nothing to worry..
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Question: Mujhe pregnency ka dusre mhina chal rha h mujhe brown jaise colour ka discharge ho rha h thoda thoda koi jyada problm to nhi hogi
Answer: No i m also facing this Dr told me this is totally normal
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