3 months old baby

Question: M breastfeeding mother.. My one breast become bigger than other... It looks very bad.. Please suggest me...what should I do

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Answer: hi dear you should feed your baby both side. and you should wear bra tightly eating during night time because this may cause unshaped in breast and also please feed both the sides evenly.
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Question: Hello everyone, my bby is 4n half month old.. his head shape is looking very bad.. it has become flat from back n little upside on top ..please suggest me what can I do ..I'm very worried
Answer: Please apply coconut oil and do massage of baby's head.... little force you apply... But be sure you sure harming his talu..( soft part on top of head) You can make it round....... It's all on how you massage your baby... Do it daily....or may be twice a day... We do it before bath...
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Question: My breastmilk supply become slow... What should I do.... Plzzz anyone suggest me
Answer: Take soup either veg or non veg,protein diet is must to increase bf n take jeera n ajwain water more
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Question: M fine 5 months pregnant mother n my nipples got very hard n felt pain what' should I do
Answer: It's normalDuring this time.. apply pure coconut oil and massage gently
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