23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: m angry, irritated, crying without any reason.

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Answer: this is due to hormonal changes
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Question: My baby always crying without any reason .I feed him but he is being irritated always
Answer: Hi.. Ur baby might be having teething problem. Thats why he is irritated and crying most of the time. The best thing to do is get them teething toys or soothers they help in relaxing the irritated gums. You can massage ur babies gums with a clean finger. You can also use a clean cloth dipped in cold water n keep it in ur babies mouth. U can get a chilled spoon for the baby to chew on. It will help ur baby. Cold food like frozen fruits cold yogurt you can give ur baby frozen banana stick. The cool feeling can be bressing for the irritated gums. Also feed your baby calcium rich foods like dark leafy vegetables, milk, yogurt, cheese etc
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Question: My baby 14 months running. She always crying without reason. What can i do. She was very angry
Answer: Hello dear, sometimes baby feel crancky and just cry for getting attention. The second reason is  May be due to gas. Massaging your baby's belly in a downward motion can also help relieve gas pain.... Giving your baby time to burp after a feeding can help remove excess air through the mouth. Gripe water is a completely natural mixture of herbs, that are known to settle an upset stomach. you may be more comfortable trying it to see if it makes a difference in your baby's behaviour.
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Question: Some times my daughter start crying without any reason
Answer: This is just a phase of growing, she would change don't worry. Just check what are the reasons that triggers her for crying and keep that away.
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Question: Why baby crying without reason
Answer: Hie Babies at this age mostly cry either because of gas or tummy troubles or because he is too tierd If your baby is pulling his feets towards stomach while crying probably he has. Gas troubles Massage your baby stomach with gentle downward strokes ,taps and clockwise circular motion to help release gas if any Give you baby bicycle legs and gently stretch his hands and feets to help pass gas Do this for at least 2-3 times a day to avoid gas troubles If baby is crying a lot you can apply a thin paste of hing and water around his naval area If he still has gas troubles give him 3-4 drops of colic aid or Nat phos 6x If he is crying because he is tierd he would yawn and throw his hands and feets both while crying Hold your baby close to you and gently rock your baby untill calm White noise really helps during these times Swaddling the baby shall also help as it provided your baby with a womb like atmosphere and comofort Dim the light and massage your baby with a lotion to destress the baby Put on a fresh pair of clothes and rock him to sleep
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