32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hloo... M afraid of norml delivry... What shud i do now? M in 32th week

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Answer: I delivered my baby 5 days ago. normal . I was afraid of normal delivery too.. still a scary experience. but it is the natural way of birth and the pain last only that day. you can recover within a couple weeks. its been a week for me and I'm feeling better actually aside from the general tiredness. so don't worry. aim for normal. there's a reason its called "normal delivery"
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    Sneha Lahoti1421 days ago

    hey... Gayathri can u share tips to have normal delivery??

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    Gayathri Pn1421 days ago

    do walking regularly atleast half hour a day. drink water and trust in yourself and the baby. the baby will cooperate with you throughout the process.

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    Amandeep Bhatti Bihal1404 days ago

    my baby is in breech position.. cam anyone tell me .are there any chances of normal delivery ..i m.too worried as dnt want c section 😯 i m doing walk for 45 min daily.(in 9th month) mopping in squating position..

Answer: don't worry. think about ur baby at the time of ur delivery. it's not labour pain consider it as a divine moment bcoz baby will be in ur hand. at that time u feel awesome
Answer: der is nothing to worry. start eating 6 dates from start of 9th month.. it will reduce the cervix dilation time n labor get easier... n walking is also must.
Answer: even same here iam afraid of needles and normal delvry...33 week 5 days