33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hii m 8th month pregnant and have morning sickness, after drinking milk I got vomit and vomited whole milk later got blood vomit what does that mean

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Question: Hii iam 8th month pregnant n I have more kicks on right side what does it mean
Answer: I too have right side kicks...its nothing much serious is what my Dr. told. Just to shift ourself towards left and sleep. And ya sometimes it may get reduced after eating some light food too.
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Question: I got period after 4 weeks but I have sickness and vomit sense
Answer: Hi Dear! Period after 4 weeks as in? on your date? or before/after..see If you hv alrdy got your periods the chances r less to conceive and the nausea or morning sickness feeling you think you hv is due to other health reasons. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hiii iam 8th month pregnant still i have more n more movements what does it mean
Answer: It Means ur baby is Very Active and Healthy .... you get more changes of getting a baby boy
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