23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 6th month pregnancy and suffering from typhoid dr gives me 5day treatment...but after 2days I again check my blood test it's again positive report declare..and dr says no need for medicine is this OK in this time? Baby par koi effect tho ni hoga

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Question: Hello I'm in Big trouble plz Help Me actually I Miss my period in January I'm suffering from thyroid so it's happening normally irregular mc problem I take some ayurvedic medicine for this and in feb mc come normally it happens also in March again in April Miss mc and check so I found report is positive I visit Dr. and when i see sonohrphy I'm shock Dr. said I'm 15 weak pregnant and at that situation obortion not possible..... so plz tell me I'm not taking any medicine for securing baby so this 4month care less ness is damaged my baby plz tell in this situation what can do Now for healthy baby
Answer: Hii plz stay calm. Don't worry. As u visited the doctor and doctor said that aborting not possible that means ur baby is fine dats why he didn't advise u for any thing like that. Pregnant lady don't take any medicine to securing the baby but they take to make sure a proper growth of baby. Now stay calm and consult doctor after writing all required question in a note book 1) ask doctor about the required vitamin supplements u required 2) required check up if any for checking baby growth and ur nutritional level. 3) any injection require by u as u r suffering from thyroid. 4) ask him about any special instruction related to any precaution. 5) make ur diet proper and full of nutrient from today only. Start eating fresh fruits , vegetables, beet apple and carrot juice , dry fruits ,egg ,chicken, less spicy food , milk. 6 ) do walk everyday. Everything will be fine. Do write us back from any support or answer u need. Plz like the comment if u fine above answer helpful.
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Question: Now I am 37 weeks... Feeling feverish and went to check up doctor tested and went with some blood tests and identified it is viral fever typhoid.. And my gync proscribed medicine for 1 week.. By using this will it effect baby?
Answer: If your gynaecologist had prescribed then you better follow the medications dear. Your doctors know your medical history well and also about your baby health they know well. They will give medications based on it such that you and your baby will be fine
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Question: I am having Fever lasting for 4th day . And blood test report says I have mild typhoid 1:160. Doc asked me to wait for 2 more days as this range is very less and it is not considered as typhoid positive . Also doc said they are not transmitted through milk to the baby. We can mother feed . My concern is why my fever is not going . Worried about baby .
Answer: fever can come due to cold even a slight cold can give fever due to chest infection. do not worry check temprature if above 99 degrees farenhit then give calpol 250 mg 5ml once and see dr tomorrow we need to confirm the reason of sudden fever.
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