5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 4-5 week pregnant m taking grapes and coconut water is it safe to take these things

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Answer: Take everything in limit during pregnancy. drinking 1 medium size tender coconut projects fine during pregnancy but when I was pregnant my doctor suggested to alternate day instead of taking on daily basis because of its high mineral content. grapes is height in natural sugar and over consumption of grapes stand leads to stomach discomfort and loose motion. If you are consuming in small portion then its absolutely fine.
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Question: Is it safe to give tender coconut water
Answer: : You can give coconut water to your baby as it has more amount of minerals . if you are giving first time then give only 2 to 3 sips at one time is baby digested it after that you can give more
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Question: Is it safe to discharge sticky water from vagina as I m 21 week pregnant?
Answer: Hi dear this is common but if discharge colour smell or heavy thn consult your doctor...
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Question: I am 31 weeks pregnant and diagnoised with gestational diabetes. Is it safe for me to intake tender coconut water?
Answer: Coconut water has natural sugar. Try to avoid sweets, sugar or fruits for some days
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