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Question: M 20 weeks pregnant but I don't feel baby movements worried about it plz help me

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Answer: If this is your first pregnancy You will most likely feel the movements later. In cases like anterior placenta you will feel the movement later on..dont worry i am having anterior placenta and felt my baby at 21 will mostly feel the baby in later weeks...
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Question: I m 18 weeks pregnant but I don't feel baby it normal?
Answer: It is totally normal because the baby movements will start after 21st week of pregnancy so just wait dear
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Question: I m 18 weeks pregnant..but I dont feel any baby movements...? it normal?
Answer: Usually baby movements are detectd between 18-26 weeks.and it could take longer if the placement of placenta is it acts a s a cushion above baby,so.most of the initial fluttering etc would be missed by the mom,as it won't reach to your the baby grows bigger and stronger,the moc ments would be former too,you would feel it then.....
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Question: Am pregnant by twins.. but I don't have any it normal..I feel worried about it
Answer: It's depends on every female, few will have symptoms few don't. It's better you didn't get any nausea or vomiting you will become weak if you had. So be positive, eat healthy foods. Do your scans on time and consult your doctor. Be happy and enjoy your pregnancy.
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