16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 14 week pregnant &now days m having lower back pain what can be the reason

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Answer: Hi, back pain Is normal during pregnancy, not to worry.it is due to raised hormones and could be due to stress and growing uterus stretches ligaments of uterus and abdominal organs and puts pressure on back bone causes pain.start taking proper diet and proper rest.better to maintain good posture, avoid lifting heavy weights ,try to avoid standing for long time.try to sleep on your side not on your back.better to take paracetamol which is safe during pregnancy if you have severe pain.take care
Answer: Now your baby increase weight is putting pressure on your stomach joint and ligament that is why u have lower back pain. now you should walk more be more active do your house hold chores this pain will be slow. you can take hot compress over your back.
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Question: Am in first trimester.. I have pain in lower back. What will be the reason
Answer: I had the same. It's normal as per the doctor. As uterus grows it puts pressure on pelvic joints. Try hot water bag compression. You will get relief.
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Question: Slight pain in lower abdomen what could be the reason
Answer: It's normal in pregnancy... Bcz of Hormonal changes
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Question: Hi. I am 17 weeks pregnant.I am having lower back pain. What could be the reason for that?
Answer: Its common dear. Its all because of Hormonal Changes & pressure of growing uterus. U can take gentle massage followed by warm compress to get relief. Don't sleep on your back.
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