37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Lst week naaku usg scan chesaaru andulo plecenta anterior, upper segment,grade 3 maturity ani undi ante enti??

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Answer: Apudai doctor ki adgali,meki full rights undhi .as per ur baby health concern
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Question: Anterior placenta upper segment early grade 3 maturity means
Answer: Hi dear, Anterior placenta growing downwards could be an issue as it could block the birth canal candidate cause you severe bleeding during labor or anytime of pregnancy.you would need c- section. anterior placenta provide extra cushioning to your baby.its like a wall between your tummy and your baby thereby you the impact of baby movements are less.nothing to worry it provides the same amount of nutrition like any other placenta.and if it moving anywhere other than blocking the birth canal,it is safe and you can undergo normal delivery.maturity or calcification of placenta starts from 12 the week and ranges 0 to grade 3. Grade 2 is usually for weeks 36-37.while grade 3 is for 38-40 week.it is fine for you still.single cord loop around baby neck is not matter of concern.depending upon how tight the loop is your doctor would decide on the type of delivery........
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Question: Anterior upper segment grade 3 maturity means?
Answer: Hello dear, Placenta typically attach themselves in the back/posterior of the uterus, but when your placenta is anterior, it is right up front. placenta can also attach on the sides and top of the uterus..  Having an anterior placenta shouldn't cause you or your baby any problems. Just over half of mums-to-be have an anterior placenta. And grade 3 is normal at this stage. Take care urself....
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Question: placenta anterior, upper segment with grade 3 maturity means
Answer: Everything is fine it is the location of placenta and maturity level of placenta
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