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Question: ls it safe to eat pomegranate fruit and green grapesin 13th week of pregnancy, which type of fruit i should eat to get nutrition for baby .please advise

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Answer: Avoid grapes.. pomegranate helps to build hemoglobin.
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    Rajendran Mano90 days ago

    Thanks sister

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Question: Is it safe to eat pomegranate, saptoya, green grapes fruit in 13th week of pregnancy and please advice me which type of fruits ,vegetables,and food items i can take it baby growth please advise me
Answer: You can have pomegranate,grapes and many other fruits like apple, water melon, chikoo Also consume green leafy vegies as much as possible...have coconut water... Keep yourself hyderated as much as possible... Have protin rich food like paneer, milk, rasgulla...
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Question: I can eat which type of fruit.
Answer: Hi,You can eat all fruits except for your fruits. You should have at least 3 to 4 servings of fruit daily it should include banana papaya oranges Apple Goa grapes should be taken in moderation because they are sweet Chiku berries
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Question: Is it safe to eat papaya, pomegranate and bananas in 6th week of pregnancy
Answer: Hi Dear! Raw papaya is not safe in pregnancy but banana and pomegranate can be consumed and they r absolutely safe.. Pomegranate is full of folic acid which helps to build strong nervous system.. Banana promotes colon health, It treats anemia, Banana is rich in vitamin B6 and Folic acid. Banana helps in digestion and and reduces constipation. Good luck!
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Question: Hi mam i am planning for pregnancy should i should i eat pomegranate fruit most of people saying do not eat pomegranate
Answer: Hi. U can eat pomegranate. One pomegranate contains about 40 percent of your daily requirement of vitamin C. This vitamin helps boost your immune system, helping prevent or reduce the duration and severity of illness. Pomegranates are also full of antioxidants, which are molecules that can help fight off viruses and infections like the flu.
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