30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Lower stomach pain, why does it happen ?

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Answer: Hi ..It is normal to have lower abdominal pain in pregnancy. It Can be caused due to gas pain or it might be due to constipation.A hot water bottle or heating pad might help.Drink lots of liquids to stay hydrated. Take care
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Question: Light lower stomach pain. Why it is?
Answer: Hello sis. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Hope you are doing well. This is quiet common during pregnancy. I also gone through such pain. my doctor said it is due to baby size increasing. This is a good sign as the baby is growing well 😊. So my doctor advise me to do warm compress. And sit by keeping legs up. It did give me some relief. Not complete. But try this. Surely some comfort u will get. Hope sister dis advice will help u.
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Question: I feel pain in my lower abdomen,why this happen? Does it hamper my baby?m 13 weeks pregnant..
Answer: Dear at this stage it must be the growth of the Placenta due to which it is happening so you should just take rest and warm compress that will help
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Question: I am suffering from light pain in right side of lower abdomen.......why does it happens
Answer: During pregnancy any pain occur in abdomen area u have to directly meet your docter & know the right reason
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