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Question: lower back pain and adominal pain ho rahe hai bht...plzz rply...humne continously intercourse kiya 13 th se kal tak..mera period date hai 24th ...33 days cycle...kya me ish bar concived ho sakti hu .plzzzzzz rply maam....

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Answer: Hi,yes ho sakta hain. Agar aapne ovulation days mein sex kiya hain then it is most likely that aapne conceive kiya Hoga. But as if NW nahi keh saktey jab tak aap periods miss nahi hotey.
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Question: Ma'am me 21th August me period hua tha uske 4din baad se continuously intercourse kiya tha 11th September tak. .mein socha tha ke me ish bar concived kar lungi bt mera period aa gaya 23th September me. ..aisa kiyon hua ma'am. bht upset ho gaya tha
Answer: It's very rarely that woman can conceive from first trying usually several months needed. Normally for woman up to 35 years trying to conceive ap to 1 year is normal. But visit doctor for check up to examine hormone and uterus.
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Question: helo I am 11 week pregnant mujhe ek baat puchne th ki kal mujhe kisi baby ne mere tummy push kiya th or mujhe tabhi se halki se pain ho rahe hai main kya karu mujhe Dar lag raha hai
Answer: hello.. dear agar jayad pain hai tho doctor ki salha lijiye.. varna yeh pain normal hai.. Abdominal pains in early pregnancy are caused by various factors. One cause of abdominal pain is the contractions in the uterus caused when the embryo implants itself into the endometrium.Also, in early pregnancy, hormones like hCG, estrogen and progesterone are secreted and hormone levels change. Changes in hormone levels can weaken bowel movements, resulting in either constipation or diarrhea, and this can contribute to abdominal pains. On the other hand, in case of premenstrual abdominal pain, the progesterone secreted by the endometrium is the culprit. Before your menstrual period starts, progesterone is secreted, and the uterus contracts, causing the menstrual blood to flow out from your vagina. As progesterone secretion increases the intensity at which your uterus contracts, this causes the lower abdominal region to hurt.
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Question: Mam aaj mera 14 day hai after peroid but mere husband ko fever ho gaya hai to humne kal aur aaj intercourse nhi kiya to kya main kal se 3 din tak matlab 14 15 16 ko intercourse karu to mere pregnancy ke chanches hai?plz answer me
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. You can have intercourse on those days and chances of pregnancy are there. Don't worry. Take care
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Question: Mari delivery 24 November Howe 30 day tak period rahe n phir ek bar intercourse Howe ab period nhi Howe lakin pain hoti hai back n tammy mai mujhe laga shayad kahi........test kiya toh negative aya kya karo
Answer: It's OK to not have periods now bcoz some ppl have periods for after 6months later so u no need to worry. Bleeding me waste blood flush out hotha hai so it takes time to have periods after delivery
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