18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: lower abdominal me bahut pressure feel hota h n urge to pee alot n watery discharge can it be serious

2 Answers
Answer: Visit ur doc n get it examined asap...
Answer: No its normal during pregnancy
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Question: Hello all! I always feel pressure n urge to pee again after already my visit to washroom is it need to worry
Answer: Yes dear It is normal to go to toilet frequently . As ur uterus is growing, it is putting pressure on ur bladder resulting in pressure on it wnd thus u have to rush to toilet.
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Question: I have severe pain in vagina n alot of lower abdominal pressure, what is this
Answer: Visit doctor for check up immediately it can be sign of labour!
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Question: Feeling heavy lower abdominal area n mild pain n discharge odourless... Is anything serious?
Answer: hi dear white discharge during pregnancy is common .some women will have the white discharge from early pregnancy . it is due to the change in hormones . Thin white and milky white discharge with mild smell is not at all a problem where as if you found any itching with strong order it may be caused by some bacterial infection.if u found any severe cramps or bleeding do consult your doctor
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