16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Low lying ,posterior placenta what my baby boy or girl?previously having anterior upper segment placenta with baby girl?

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Answer: placenta doesnt indicates baby gender..
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Question: Placenta anterior upper segment and placenta posterior difference what plz anyone say me
Answer: Placenta attached to the front upper wall of uterus is called placenta anterior upper segment. In this position placenta will be on the tummy side. Where is placenta posterior means class in the attached to the back wall of the uterus that is towards the back.
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Question: My placenta site is anterior wall,upper segment ..is it normal ? I'll hav baby boy or girl ??
Answer: There is no perfect way to predict gender except ultra sounds and gender tests which are not allowed in india...so don't worry about the sex of the baby and enjoy ur time and think about the health of ur baby....
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Question: Placenta postion posterior wall in upper uterine segment grade 1means boy or girl
Answer: Gender cannot b predicted by des factors.. only ultrasound is the way to find out... but fr fun u can keep guessin😄g
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