16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Low lying posterior placenta upto OS detected in 3rd month scan. Till when it can move up... Means till which month. Presently I m 15 weeks pregnant

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Answer: In my case after 21 weeks it has moved
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Question: I m 15 week pregnant. In 3rd month scan everything came fine. I have posterior placenta lying low. Since yesterday bleeding started. It's not heavy but in toilet I saw clot today. I am worried. Pls guide.
Answer: Dear bleeding could be due to low lying placenta.please do not strain at wash room.please avoid intercourse and exercises.be on rest ,better not to travel and avoid lifting heavy weights more than 5kgs, better to sleep on left side.keep legs and knees bent, and put a pillow between your legs.take care
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Question: is it dangerous to have low lying placenta?? in 3rd month Nt scan...
Answer: Dear, low lying placenta means Placenta attached to the lower part of uterus near cervix that is opening of uterus. it's risky position and can cause miscarriage in early weeks and preterm delivery in advance weeks. You need to take complete bed rest until your plaventa moves upward. Take care.
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Question: Hi all.. iam 24 weeks pregnant.During in the Tiffa scan it is observed that I have low lying placenta 3cm from OS is it dangerous please answer me
Answer: Dont worry as weeks progresses in 90% cases the placenta goes upwards. Dont take stress. Enjoy ur pregnancy. 🙂
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