25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Low lying posterior placenta is away from 3.2 cm away from internal os? Grade maturity 1?means???

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Answer: It means the distance between the placenta and cervix is 3.2cm... your placenta is quite low and near the cervix... sometimes as the uterus grows in size the placenta is pulled upwards which is good for you....if by end of pregnancy the placenta has not moved away from the cervix and covers the cervix then you will have to deliver by c-sec...
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Question: I'm 19 week pregnent now...my scan shows posterior placenta with grade 0 maturity and low lying,1.1cm away from internal OS. Is this normal?
Answer: Dear this is not normal . Your placenta is low lying . In that case you need to get bed rest . Do not do any work . Avoid sex and lift any weight. Arey take rest it will change position in few weeks .
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Question: My placenta is posterior low lying covering internal os what it means? Is there any risk?
Answer: Yes, it is a complete placenta previa. Better to have complete bed rest. Avoid staircase, weight lifting, bending, travelling etc. As the pregnancy progess it will move upward.
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Question: My friends anamoly report is posterior placenta 2.5 cm away from os is it low lying placenta or concern
Answer: Yes dear it is low lying placenta. You need to take more rest. Avoid sex an lift any weight. Your doctor may suggest you cervical stitch to prevent from premature delivery .
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