31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Low lying placenta in 8th month. Are there chances of normal delivery by any chance?

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Answer: Hi as low lying placenta or placenta pervia need to take precautions as it may cause problems in pregnancy and causes bleeding so as a precaution you need to undergo C-section as normal delivery is difficult with low lying placenta. Take care
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Question: What do u mean by post placenta(low lying).. Is there any chance for normal delivery?
Answer: Dear, your placenta attached to the lower back part of uterus , it's a very risky position of placenta and hardly there is any chance of normal delivery. If there is any possibility surely doctor will take that chance. But it's better to prepare yourself for C section delivery. Don't worry Dear, Medical Science now improve a lot. I also had C section delivery and I am completely fit and fine. Take care and I wish you safe delivery.
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Question: My placenta is posterior low lying with 2.5cms away from OS. Are there any chances of normal delivery?
Answer: Usually with low lying placenta doctors don't prefer to go for normal delivery as you might get huge bleeding which is not safe in pregnancy doctor if Placenta is in safe position or not
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Question: I have low lying placenta with grade 4 .Is there any chance of normal delivery?
Answer: Hello, Sometimes when women have a minor grade placenta praevia grade 1 or 2 it is possible to have a vaginal birth. Grades 3 and 4 placenta praevia need a caesarean. Hope this helps.
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