23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Lots of cramps these days esp in the night.. M in 6M pregnancy.. Anything that can be done

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Answer: Hi,his is normal during pregnancy dear You should not sit for tooong in one position .you should do hot water compression Can also do warm oil massage You should wear socks while sleeping The s will help you Take care
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Question: Hi I'm in my 7th month of pregnancy and I have lots of acne like rash on face and also in the head. What can be done?
Answer: Hello This is due to harmone surge. Especially due to the harmone called androgen. This produces oils that clog the pores. Remedies Apple cider vinegar with water n apply it to ur skin. Baking soda soaks up all the oil. Oat meal and cucumber paste. Don't over wash
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Question: Is there anything like white discharge should be for these many days for the sign of pregnancy
Answer: hi there is nothing to worry by distance is possible at any time even when you are conceived or you haven't conceived so this does not alone indicate as a sign of pregnancy
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Question: suggest some yogas that can be done in pregnancy
Answer: anulom vilom and pranayam can be done in pregnancy.
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