6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: loose motions, doctor prescribed some medicine but no effect, regular 3 days suffering from it 😪😪

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Answer: For loose motions during pregnancy: 1. Drink plenty of water. Try to drink at least one litre every two hours because you lose a lot of water in watery stools. 2. Drink ginger tea because it may help relieve the symptoms of loose motion by reducing gases. For this, you just need to boil some ginger and tea in water and allow it to stand for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain and then consume with sugar or honey. 3. You can also try drinking three to four tablespoons of honey in a glass of lukewarm water. The antioxidant and antibacterial properties found in honey and amino acids help boost the immune system. 4. Lemon is a liver stimulant which helps in controlling irritable bowel movement and provides relief from diarrhoea. You can consume a mixture of lemon juice, crushed black pepper one-fourth teaspoon and half a teaspoon of ginger powder two times a day. 5. You can also add peppermint extract to half a cup of water and drink it twice or thrice a day.
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Question: Hi...my baby boy is suffering from motions and vomit from 3 days..I contact to go doctor but no results had came..plz suggest some remedies...
Answer: hi dear motion and vomit for kids is may be due to any viral infection or food poison or any allergic to food intake . try not to give any milk product until he get cure give some more water so that the body will not become dehydrated you can also give other Fluids like fresh juices tender coconut buttermilk . you can add fresh homemade curd in lunch for your baby because this clean the stomach . avoid giving milk and adding sugar . try to avoid deep fried foods junk foods and Street foods .
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Question: hi..my 5.5 months baby is suffering from loose motions from the last 2 days..I hv given her medicine according to pediatrician advice but still no effect.
Answer: Infant bowel habits and characteristics change quite abruptly during the first few months of life. By about four-months of age a baby may have diapers frequently consisting of soft, liquid or solid stools. A breastfed baby will pass watery or seedy stools that have minimal shape. These are not signs of diarrhea. Infant diarrhea is described as bowel movements that are more frequent, greater in volume, watery and foul-smelling. Baby diarrhea can be due to illness or diet. A breast-fed baby can have diarrhea in response to the mother's diet. Her intake of dairy, spicy foods and even caffeine can upset a baby's sensitive tummy and cause diarrhea A mother on antibiotics can pass the medicine to her baby during breastfeeding, which may result in infant diarrhea Various bacteria, viruses and parasites can cause diarrhea in an infant. This can be contracted by touching an item contaminated with the organism and putting the hands or the object into the mouth. Such infections are often passed from caregivers and others who handle the baby. As for remedy keep breastfeeding your baby.The anti infective factor of breastmilk will help your baby recover fast. Also regulate your diet. Drink lots of water so that baby doesnt get dehydrated.
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Question: Hi dr .my daughter is suffering from loose motions and cold .plzz suggest some medicine.
Answer: Hii.. Baby is below 6 months so consult ur pedia.. Fir time being u can try these For loose motion : If baby pooping more than 8 times as too watery u can prepare ors like take 150 ml boiled water and let it cool then add pinch of salt and 2tbsp salt mix well and give 1 spoon to baby and wait if baby poops again give 1spoon slowly loose motion vil reduce For cold : Warm coconut oil then crush tulsi leaves and apply it on baby chest and feet Roast ajwain and make potli give a light compress on baby chest Home remedies takes time so consult pedia bad five suggested drops for quick relief
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