35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Load around the baby's neck... it's any problems to delivery..pls tell me i am so waried about it..

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Answer: Hi dear nothing to worry the loop around baby's neck will loosen when baby keeps moving and if baby is in cephalic position you will have normal delivery dear take care dear
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    jana Venkat387 days ago

    Thank you so much mam for your positive response..... I am feeling better

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Question: Any one pls tell me about umbilical cord around baby's neck? How to avoid ?
Answer: Umbilical cord around neck is risky but Doctors know how to resolve it.One can avoid this problem by sleeping on sides, either left or right. Shouldn't sleep on the upward or backward position.
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Question: my baby two loops of cord around the neck any problems pls tell me
Answer: M bhi same prbolem se gujri hu,there is no major probelm,but meri delivery c section se huyi hai,apko bhi doctor c section ke liye bol sakte hai,lekin abhi usse baby ko koi problem nhi hoga.
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Question: The vine wrapped around the baby's neck.. if any problem happen to normal delivery ..??
Answer: Hi dear. A health umbilical cord will have a slippery smooth outside. So it won't harm the baby's neck. Also the baby don't breathe through its nose or mouth until the baby is born and the umbilical cord being cut . So there is no risk of choking. When the baby moves, the cord may get removed automatically. Normal delivery is possible even if there is cord around neck.
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