27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Little Water leaking from my nipples. is it normal?

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Answer: Hi. Dear its called colostrum which is normal to leak during pregnancy. Its nothing to be worried . Even leaking of colostrum is indication that your breast are prepating them self for breast feed.
Answer: Ur body is preparing milk for ur upcoming baby and its totally normal
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Question: My breast nipples are itching nd sometimes paining.. Leaking little bit watery discharge from nipples.. Is it any wrong?
Answer: It is normal for breast nipple to leak, it is nothing but colostrum that is leaking. Apply warm compression when they are painful and notify your doctor.
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Question: Some liquid is leaking from my nipples what is it
Answer: Hello dear. In pregnancy, the breasts may start to produce milk weeks or months before you are due to have your baby. If your nipples are leaking, the substance is usually colostrum, which is the first milk your breasts make in preparation for feeding your baby. Leaking is normal and nothing to worry about. Take care.
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Question: Some watery kind of liquid is leaking out from my nipples so is it normal?
Answer: Hello Dear from yur Breast the watery like thing which is leaking is called colostrum. This is a very positive sign. This means that yur body is preparing to feed yur baby post delivery. Yu will have a good n sufficient amount of milk. Don't worry it is a very healthy sign. If yu are feeling very heavy yu can press an remove some milk. Yur milk glands are preparing milk already. Yu can use breast pads to avoid getting wet patches on yur dresses dear. Take care
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