12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Little pain in stomach and under Chest is it normal?

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Answer: Hello dear. Some abdominal pain during pregnancy is normal: After all, your organs are constantly shifting, your uterus is expanding, and your ligaments are stretching. However if the pain is severe and unbearable, you'll have to contact your gynecologist immediately. Few of the remedies are : Sit down, put your feet up, and relax. Resting comfortably should relieve your symptoms. A hot water bottle or heating pad might help. Drink lots of liquids. When you do feel a pain, bend towards the pain to relieve it. Take care.
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    Sahithya Karnam1005 days ago

    Thanks Doctor pain is coming often am able to bare it

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Question: Sometimes I feel breeding problem and little pain in my right chest why this is happened?
Answer: in increasing pregnancy you can feel breathing problem this is due to your increase baby bump. now you should do breathing exercise and anulom vilom.do your household chores keep walking more. while sleeping raise your head. Breast pain is due to developing of milk gland . You can massage breast with warm oil
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Question: Hi Mam. I m a little pain under my chest right hand side . I mostly sleep right side . Now when I sleep I get pain y is it so ?.
Answer: Hi dear, it's better to sleep with your left side. You can choose right side but more time left is better than right then only baby get proper blood supply. Take care
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Question: Hi. Now I'm in 16th week, I have feel link little bit pain on under stomach( belly). Some one says, now growing big Umbilical cord. That's why you have this pain. But, is it normal?
Answer: Yes it is normal.. I m also in my 16th week, I consult to doctor, she says its totally normal if it's not severe one
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