15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Little bleeding when I wipe down , is there any problem?

2 Answers
Answer: Hello dear, hope you are doing well. Very congratulations for ur pregnancy. If little bleeding then no need to worry but if u have more bleeding then u immediately need to consult with gynecologist as she recommend some test and check that your baby is all good or not but don't worry. It's ok..take proper rest. Don't lift heavy weight.. Stay happy 😊
Answer: Dear, please contact ur doctor.she will give some hormone injection
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Question: When I wipe down there it is pink discharge. Expected period date 23may
Answer: Hello dear, hope you are doing well. It is your implantation bleeding. Means there is chances of pregnancy. So wait for your period date and then check your urine pregnancy test at home.. It will be clear result that time that u r pregnant or not. Hope for the best 😊.. Gud luck 🤞.. Stay happy
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Question: Little clots when I wipe is there any problem.
Answer: Hi, what kind of clots ? Can you be more specific. Any other problem that you are facing, cramping, weakness, loss of appetite, and the like. Please elaborate.
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Question: Doctor said there is internal bleeding, but I don't have any spot,? is there any problem?
Answer: Please take rest avoid heavyweights climbing stairs exercises ask Dr for medication
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