17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Little bleeding in morning give me suggestions

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Answer: Spotting is a common problem for pregnant women, with as many as 20% of pregnancies expriencing spotting at some point during the first trimester. During second trimester, the glandular cells on the cervix will fall off, which may also cause such symptoms. It is easy to panic when you see spotting during pregnancy but it is important to remember that most women who have this symptom continue to have a normal and healthy pregnancy. So stay calm and enjoy your journey towards motherhood.
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Question: It's my 12 week, In morning I had little bleeding is it normal?
Answer: Hi! Spotting or light bleeding is normal especially during first trimester. Don’t worry it happens. However if you have excessive bleeding please do see your Doctor soon.
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Question: I had a little brown discharge in morning...is it period? Now there is no bleeding
Answer: Wait for few days..if u r not bleed dan cheak at home..sometimes before bleed brown deschrge can be seen.
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Question: I am in second month... Little bleeding is visible in morning.. Is it okk???
Answer: If it is dark brown colored then its ok. But if its like pure blood jst consult your doctor
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