20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Liquor is adequate means? And the placenta posterior wall. Upper uterine segment grade 2?

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Answer: liquor adequate means that the amniotic fluid present in the womb is adequate not less not too much high Placenta is attached to the uterus and uterus has two walls the anterior wall that is front wall in the posterior wall that is back wall in your case the Placenta is attached to the back wall of the uterus which is considered normal. grading indicates maturity of placenta grade 2 at this week is early maturity you need to take care of your diet and make sure to drink at least 3 litres of water every day, count fetal movements and follow up your doctor regularly
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Question: Hello mam placenta is posterior upper wall. Placenta maturity is grade 3 means what.?
Answer: Placenta is an organ which supply bloods and nutrients from mother's blood to the foetus blood. Start forming where the implantation occur uterus has the posterior wall that is back side of the uterus and the anterior wall which is the front wall of the uterus and walls are divided into three segments upper segment mid segment and lower segment. So in your case the Placenta is at the upper posterior wall of the uterus and it is a favourable position Grading indicates the maturity of placenta Grade 3 placenta is the normal grading at your stage of pregnancy
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Question: What is the meaning of. "Placenta -Grade 0- I at anterior part of upper uterine segment "??
Answer: This is absolutely normal Placenta position which means is attached to the front wall of uterus and its age is grade 0 which is the normal according to your gestational age
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Question: Posterior upper segment grade 2 3 means
Answer: This is normal it is just the position of the placenta
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